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There were such conferences back in the 90s. I personally know
one of the ex-ex-Baha'i leaders of the Lesbian-Gay Baha'i
Fellowship. The problems was that they not only wanted to work
on ending the blatant and pervasive homophobia in the Baha'i
community (most evident in the immoral stigmatization of
AIDS/HIV people, etc.) and the significant problem of Baha'i homosexual teenagers that are suicidal, both of which are
perfectly appropriate in my opinion, but there was an attempt
at allowing "interpretations" to be presented that would have
essentially proposed that Baha'i law and principles that relate
the "spiritually healthy sexuality" are wrong on the basis of
political ideology and so-called "scientific" evidence about
the causes of homosexual preference/orientation, and so forth.

Note the "interpretations" were (as far as I can tell) proposed
by the same group/type of "dissidents" that the Universal House
of Justice took to task in relation to controversies on the "talisman" email list and so forth.


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