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Posted by Rob ( on March 05, 2002 at 22:18:42:

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I've fasted for nearly thirty years (that sounds silly!), and it makes sense to not fill up with sugars or processed foods in the morning which will let you down after an hour. The same can be said for anything consumed within two hours before going to bed. Rather, take those foods in moderation. It is more important, I feel, to have more protein and fats. Whatever, be sure to get up in plenty of time to prepare a good pre-sunrise meal, maybe even taking a short walk beforehand to stimulate the appetite. And, of course, plenty of pure water is important, with no caffeine. During the noon, if possible, take a short nap, or at least get horizontal for a half hour and just relax. This is especially important for those over 35 or not accustomed to the fast. The hardest days are the first few, and if you can get past them, then the rest are easier.

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