A newly translated Tablet of Baha'u'llah mentions Jesus' Literal Resurrection

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Posted by Darrick Evenson ( on January 14, 2002 at 16:58:31:

Dear Friends,

There is a newly translated Tablet of Baha'u'llah called "Tasbyh-u-Tahlyl" that has Jesus speaking through Baha'u'llah thusly OF Baha'u'llah:

"Verily the Kingdom of God circles around Him and for the love of Him
the Cross was adored with My body, and after My crucifixion I arose from
among the dead to complete My mention of Him amonst the servants. Beware O People of the Gospel lest you make mention of Me with your tongues when you have rejected My glorious Father." (Tasbyh-u-Tahlyl, p.155, provisional
translation by Khazeh Fananapazir)

I explain in AND THEY SAW CHRIST LIVING that 'Abdu'l-Baha was ***not***
trying to deny a "literal" resurrection of Christ in _Some Answered
Questions_! Rather, He was merely giving ta'wil (esoteric meanings) to
a literal Sign of God (in this case, the Resurrection of Christ). The
inward meanings doth not prevent the outward meaning, nor doth the outward meaning preventeth the inward meanings. That is the Principle of Ta'Wil.
This is good news! Because the current popular Baha'i understanding of
Jesus' Resurrection (i.e. "Metaphor ONLY") will go over with Evangelical
Christians/Mormons/Seventh-day Adventists/Traditional Catholics about as
well as the Nazi Platform would "go over" with Baha'is! Really!

For further a further understanding please read AND THEY SAW CHRIST LIVING.
Darrick Evenson

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