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Posted by Rob ( on March 23, 2002 at 13:56:24:

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I would suggest reading the chapter in Some Answered Questions by Abdul-Baha about free will. Free will we have, yet it is not totally free, but within constraints dictated by physical and spiritual conditions which are different for each person and vary throughout one's life by many other factors. The Writings explain that no matter how much a person may progress spiritually, they cannot become a Manifestation of God (prophet of God) by any progress of their own volition, that certain characteristics and powers are innate from the moment of the conception of the soul, while other powers and attributes must be acquired essentially through the trials of life. Human beings are limited in many ways, but we are allowed to some degree to escape or become freed from some of those limitations by following the guidance of the Manifestations. Other barriers we cannot pass, and liberty towards defeating those barriers, is both futile and can lead to sedition.

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