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As with all such matters, the Auxiliary Board member(s)and Local Spiritual Assembly in your area should be contacted and asked for their help in this kind of matter. Since this is a personal matter, in some regards, confidentiality may be the secret to resolving issues through private arbitration which can happen if a full and frank discussion of the issues is held in confidence between just the parties immediately involved with the help of the Institutions. Feasts, Holy Days, Baha'i Schools, and all manner of Baha'i sponsored gathering fall under the jusisdiction of the Local Assembly which Body should make any ruling about such a matter.

And while the goal is to always welcome the Baha'is to any and all meetings, there is this quote:

"...the House of Justice points out that the parents are responsible for their children and should make them behave when they attend Baha'i meetings. If children persist in creating disturbance they should be taken out of the meeting. This is not merely necessary to ensure the properly dignified conduct of Baha'i meetings but is an aspect of the training of children in courtesy, consideration for others, reverence, and obedience to thir parents."

Written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice, letter dated October 14, 1982 to the NSA of Canada. (Developing Distinctive Baha'i Communites, section 9.23)

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