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Posted by Brett Zamir ( on March 31, 2002 at 15:26:58:

In Reply to: exclusion posted by marcia Monghate on March 27, 2002 at 01:52:49:

Dear Marcia,

I cannot find the quotation, but I seem to recall a quotation which stated to the effect that Shoghi Effendi was shocked and disappointed to hear of a Bahá'í not allowing other Bahá'ís into their home and enjoining them to abandon doing so. I cannot find this quotation now, however.

Of course Covenant-breakers or Bahá'ís not in good standing wishing to attend Feast, etc. (and perhaps non-Bahá'ís one does not trust) would not be included, but the possibility for Bahá'í administrative sanctions should be sufficient to ensure all Bahá'ís can be confident to welcome and be welcomed at any Bahá'í's home (unless the Bahá'í's status is unclear).

There may be other quotations which delineate extenuating circumstances to limit this, but I have not seen any.

The guidance above of course is related to Bahá'í law and not to civil law.

Rob's point about contacting the Auxiliary Board (contact National for their contact info if you need it) is an important one I think, as is the desire to ideally reconcile the reasonable concerns of the host family. However, the sensitivity of a child and his family to feel welcome at any Bahá'ís home and to be nurtured along and supported by the community in the process of learning to rear their children would certainly be, I imagine, barring perhaps some extreme circumstances, higher priority concerns than the sensibilities of Bahá'ís wanting to maintain a wholly bump-free community life.

Best wishes in delicately resolving your quandry...

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