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Posted by PatK ( on January 16, 2002 at 19:11:31:

In Reply to: Re: Prophecy of Kitab-e Aqdas? posted by Munir A. Qureshi on January 16, 2002 at 12:37:05:

:MQ: According to Quran a no. of Prophets did not bring any Divine Law, but God address them directly.

:PK: I understand these to be the 'warner-prophets'. Though Rasul Muhammad (pbuh) was a 'warner-prophet', He was also an 'emissary-prophet'. Allah addresses both directly. The 'warner-prophets' pass along the concerns of Allah. For example, at one time the punishment for adultery was stoning; the 'warner-prophets' might have warned the priests, judges and people if adulterers were being punished with lashes instead of stoning. In contrast, the 'Emissary-prophet' might hear from Allah that the punishment for adultery, which had been stoning, should be lashes. The 'warner-prophet' can tell the people what the old punishment has been; the 'emissary-prophet' can tell what the new punishment is.

:MQ: Bahahullah had not restricted the revelation to be Law bearing or not, in the said verse, the clarification is yours.

PK: You are correct that it is not spelled out directly; instead it is inferred that the revelation is a covenant, a book.

:MQ: Secondly please be noted that according to most of the previous Muslim Scholars ĪPromised Messiahā must be under the law of Islam.

PK: Most Jewish scholars took issue with the Holy Qor'an, and Rasul Muhammad, through the Grace of Allah, showed them Who was right. As it happens, the Promised Messiah must submit to Allah, and it is axiomatic that He must be a muslim, or under islam. I see this requirement in the same lines as Ibraheem being a muslim. It is not that he prays five times a day and studies the traditions attributed to the Companions, rather, He is in obedience to Allah.

Thank you for the stimulating question.
- Pat

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