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Posted by Grant ( on April 22, 2002 at 15:48:39:

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I agree with many of the things that the baha'i faith has to teach. Elections, especially when they are governmental, is NOT one of those things.

One of the definitions of the word elect is "to choose, especially by preference". How does a Baha'i show "preference" in his or her descision to elect. Doesn't he or she look at the candidates and pick the one that he or she feels would do the things and make the descisions that the voter would most likely do and make?

In a free thinking society candidates have the right to believe what they want on any given issue and the voter can vote or not vote for that individual based on that belief. What happens then, for example, when one Baha'i believes in the freedom of a woman's right to chose, and another is strictly anti-abortion. Are you telling me that it is not essential to know how each feels on the issue? In my opinion it is a necessity. Now, a Baha'i would say, "I can't vote for that candidate because, although I strongly believe that a woman should have the right to chose, I am not allowed to associate myself with the candidate's political party". To me, that is ignorance.

Nick, you said you live in the UK. Are you telling me that you would not vote for Tony Blair if the man he was running against used Hitler's idealogy as his platform? And all because Baha'is don't allign themselves with political parties? What about your loyalty to UK. It is the place you call home, isn't it. Shouldn't baha'is vote for those candidates who will make our lives better today, and in the process, perhaps expedite the process of world unity?

I am more interested with what Baha'is think as opposed to what they can quote from Baha'i scripture. Thank you for helping me understand.


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