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Here are some more quotes from Lights of Guidance that pertain to this thread:

"Beware, beware lest the foul odour of the parties and peoples of foreign lands in the west, and their pernicious methods, such as intrigues, party politics and propoganda - practices which are abhorrent even in name - should ever reach the Baha'i Community, exert any influence whatsoever upon the friends, and thus bring all spirituality to nought. The friends should, through their devotion, lov, loyalty and altruism, abolish these practices, not imitate them. It is only after the friends completely ignore and sanctify themselves from these evils, that the spirit of God can penetrate and operate in the body of humanity, and in the Baha'i Community"

Letter from the Guardian to the friends in Persia, January 30, 1923.

"Your understanding and attitude regarding participation in politics is correct, namely, you immediately warn and quickly remove the voting rights, as such prompt action is necessary to protect the interests of the Faith."

From a letter of the Universal House of Justice to the National Spiritual Assembly of South & West Africa, November 12, 1965.

"... we, as Baha'is must not have any affiliations with churches or political parties..."

Shoghi Effendi to the Baha'is of Vienna

"Formal affiliation with and acceptance of membership in organizations whose programs or policies are not wholly reconcilable with the Teachings is of course out of the question."

Shoghi Effendi

"The Guardian wishes to draw the attention of the friends through you that they should be very careful in their public utterances not to mention any political figures - either side with them or denounce them. This is the first fact to bear in mind. Otherwise they will involve the friends in political matters, which is infinitely dangerous for the Cuse."

The Guardian to the NSA of the United States and canada, January 12, 1933.

"There is no objection to Baha'is serving in government jobs that are purely non-political."

Letter written on behalf of the Guardian to an individual believer, May 30, 1942.

" vote cast or office taken, by a Baha'i should necessarily constitute acceptance, by the voter or office holder, of the entire programme of any political party. No Baha'i can be regarded as either Republican or Democrat, as such...."

Shoghi Effendi to the NSA of the United States and Canada, January 26, 1933.

"The friends may vote, if they can do it, without identifying themselves with one party or another To enter the arena of party politics is surely detrimental to the best interests of the Faith and will harm the Cause. It remains for the individuals to use their right of vote as to keep aloof from parety politics, and always bear in mind that they are voting on the merits of the individual, rather than because he belongs to one party or another. The matter must be made perfectly clear to the individuals who will be left free to excercise their discretion and judgement...."

Shoghi Effendi

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