Why immigration is bad

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Posted by Vincent ( on May 01, 2002 at 16:48:25:

In Reply to: immigration posted by Brett Zamir on April 24, 2002 at 19:08:58:

Most people prefer to live with their own kind, in their own culture, controlling their own territory. Too many problems arise when populations mix together in large numbers, especially if they have very different lifestyles or habits. Like Fred Reed says (see link below) when the French were in Algeria, the Algerians wanted the French out. Now the Algerians are in France, and the French want the Algerians out. What part of this is hard to grasp?

This is a serious blind spot on the part of Baha'i, which like many political liberal groups is convinced that their preferences ought to trump the preferences of all who oppose them, especially since God is believed to agree with you. Against the reality of black crime, Mexican invasion, Asiatic clannishness, or (to look at things from the perspective of other races) white domination of society (just barely, for now), Baha'is offer us an unrealizable utopia which most of us wouldn't want to live in even if it actually existed.

Here's a good but witty article on immigration, by a former police journalist who lives in Mexico. I wish Baha'is would show this much common sense, and get out of the diversity industry.

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