Immigration inevitable

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Posted by Rob ( on May 02, 2002 at 21:31:50:

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I believe the utopian you refer to as not being possible, has in fact existed as the community of Baha'is throughout the world. Having traveled extensively among the Baha'is in the world in many countries, I for one do not need to be told it is impossible, for I have seen this utopia and it's alive and well. I discovered for myself no sectarian, racial, political or other barriers in the Baha'i world community.

The old world order where people force others to be separate (i.e. South Africa, Nazism, Jim Crow, etc.) is more and more a thing of the past on many lands and is being dismantled on all levels. Interracial marriage worldwide is way up; national and racial segregationist laws are being tossed aside each decade in many lands; immigration in many nations has never been so high. Those who believe in the un-Godly doctrine that we humans are all different and therefore need to live separate are a dying breed. The future belongs to those who love all people and envision the world as one country and mankind its citizens, for this is the Kingdom of God on earth which Baha'u'llah, as the Return of Christ is building through His Faith and through the ordeals we now witness happening in the world.

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