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My Friend,

You are right to say that biology is the vehicle for our existence, for any other vehicle would seem incapabale of the kind of variation on a theme that evolution is, but you are incorrect to assert that the vehicle can operate without a driver.

According to the teachings of Baha'u'llah the human soul is unique and every individual has one, whereas, in lower forms of life, such as animal, vegetible, mineral, the soul is collective. Baha'u'llah notes that everything has a soul for that matter, but that only the human soul is capable of self-awareness and, hence, it is able to rise above the laws of nature because in a strictly natural system as you have presupposed we would be oblivious to the choices we make. Our ability to choose is a direct reflection of our divinity because it is the ability to choose that makes us self-aware and, thus, something entirely different from the animal kingdom.

Baha'u'llah teaches us that the human kingdom is the point between the material and the spiritual because, although we exist in the material world, we are able to see the transcendent nature of our souls. However, if you would like to stick to a purely biological argument you are still incorrect in your assertions. The differentiation of any group that belongs to the homo sapien species is so miniscule as to be laughable that someone would cling to such a difference. Laughable because there is no seperation of species anywhere in nature based on any physiological trait. The theory of evoltion and sex selection has proven that where a species has veared off it became an entirely different species incable of further mating. If the human race had somehow divided into different groups as you have stated then every group today would be incapapble of repredoction with any other group.

As to your history you are correct that a Caucasian migration did take place prior to the migration of east Asian and Siberian peoples into North America, but that migration did not include a trip across the Bearing Straight. You do realize that Caucasian means of the Caucusus Mountains, which are actually located in Central Asia. These people actually migrated north into Europe and also settled in the Balkans and what is today Russia, amongst other areas of central Asia.

Finally, to return to your underlying point about the preservation of races the only logical conclusion that remains, based on these factual and accurate corrections, is that there is only one race: the human race. I have not only affirmed the supremecy of man's spiritual nature, but I have proven with certainty, by reason and logic, that any such distinction is an illusion based on man's ability to choose the irrational.

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