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Let's get right down to it my Friend,


"Ye will know them by their fruits."

The world you see is continuing to collapse and the definitive rise of the Baha'i system is taking it's place. This is obvious to any observant individual. If one denies that this is the case, one is living in denial of the most fundemental prinicple of evolution: change. Mankind cannot resist this Force just as the body cannot resist the force of maturity. Why is it so easy to understand that a body grows and matures and that so must the society to which that person, which developes in that body, contributes to? Yet some are incapable of taking the next logical step and realizing the inevitablity of the need for societies to become one. Why is it so easy to understand that a human being, having been exposed to other human beings, can no longer live as an island unto himself? Yet some are incapable of seeing how this translates to the whole of the human race? Because they are so attached to illsuisions that they cannot apply.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. One can believe that 2+2=5 all that one wants, but if you try to apply that to building a bridge be prepared for a major disappointment with the results. Because if the complexity of bridge building, if you were to start with that equation and work with the formulas that evolve as higher systems you would build an unusable bridge.

The Baha'i System = 4!!!!

There is no aspect of the Baha'i Faith that impedes on the liberties of any individual because the rights and responsibilites of the individual are in complete harmony with the whole system. This creates a civilization in which maximum effeciancy is ensured by the elimination of anything that one individual clings to, such as tyranny and supremecy, as being above the security of the whole system. The Baha'i System is unrivaled in absolute results.

It is safe to say that not everyone will become a Baha'i in the next thousand years, but everyone will operate under the Baha'i System because, just like the United States of America was destined to evolve out of necessity, so will a global civilization.

The Sun shines on everyone. Even those who do not aknowledge Its existence.

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