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Posted by Bret ( on May 07, 2002 at 15:56:23:

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Simeon, my Friend,

I'm not quite sure if you were commenting on my argument, but if you were let me correct you.

You said, "For all the silliness of that argument, the Caucasians were not the first inhabitants of Europe, either."

I actually said, "As to your history you are correct that a Caucasian migration did take place prior to the migration of east Asian and Siberian peoples into North America, but that migration did not include a trip across the Bearing Straight. You do realize that Caucasian means of the Caucusus Mountains, which are actually located in Central Asia. These people actually migrated north into Europe and also settled in the Balkans and what is today Russia, amongst other areas of central Asia.

If you read my comments more carefully you will see that nowhere did I say that the migration, that began in the Caucusus, was the first. According to the most prevelant theory, from about 120,000 to about 90,000 years ago the first homo sapiens migrated from central east Africa into the Middle East and directly from there on into Asia. At 50,000 years ago they split again. One group continued up into western central and northern Europe and the other migrated via the Caucusus Mountains up into eastern and northern Europe.

Two things, not as criticism, just a heads up. We are all trying to be critical thinkers here and I would want someone to correct me too. Read comments carefully before responding and when you do respond use facts as proof. You can't just say something is not and that makes it as you say. You have to provide evidence.

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