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Posted by Simeon ( on May 08, 2002 at 11:06:47:

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I agree that "your people" may not equal the entire human race. My
people, however, *are* the entire human race.

>> "My people" means, people in whose well-being I am genetically
invested. <<

Good point. As every human being on the face of the earth shares
99.9% of my genes, I guess I am genetically invested in all of them.
You are right once again, it seems.

>> Help given to other people on any other basis is just calculation,
or predation. <<

This assumes there is such a thing as "other people." There's only us.

>> And no, the problem wouldn't be solved by inter-breeding--we'd
just inherit the problems of Mexico or the Congo. <<

Man, I must be in a lot of trouble - I've inherited the problems of
Germany, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and
even those of American Indians and Africans! I really don't know I
get through the day with all of these inherited problems. ;-)

>> Better to show a little discrimination in who we mix our
genes, or our interests, with. <<

I agree, we wouldn't want to concentrate all of our genes in one
basket by marrying only with our "own kind". That might lead to
genetic stagnancy and eventually congenital defects. It is much
better to use discrimination and mix our genes with those who are
more "diverse" - it leads to a stronger, healthier species! Once
again, you've made a great point!

>> Like it or not, what you call "Social Darwinism" is reality. <<

It went out with environmental determinism in the 1920s. Whether you
believe it or not, it's long ago ceased to be a useful paradigm for
understanding the world we live in.

Now, to get back for a moment to the initial question of immigration.
I think it is only fair that nations have the right to determine how
many people can immigrate, based on environmental, economic, etc. factors.
The problem you seem to have, though, runs much deeper than this, to
an actual dislike for any culture other than your own, and a feeling
of being threatened and imperiled by other cultures. Immigration
policies based on these ideas are a problem - but the problem lies not
in the policy itself, but in the underlying prejudice that drives it.
This is what needs to be addressed.


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