Who is "we"?

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Posted by Vincent ( on May 10, 2002 at 00:40:08:

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As a white American I naturally love my own race, and want to see it preserved, even if other races don't want this. I don't care so much about American Indians, except to keep whites from following their example. But I do recognize people descended from all the different parts of Christian Europe (and not too mixed with other things, of course) as white.

I care about my own people partly because they *are* my people, and partly because their achievements define what it means to be civilized. We invented every science, wrote every symphony. We are already diverse, we don't benefit in the slightest from adding Congolese or whatnot to the mix. Our emphasis should be on quality, and homogeneity.

So the cut-off is not a date, but a people. This means that (using any reasonable methods of evaluation) a white immigrant who arrived yesterday from Ireland will make more of a contribution to America than a black whose ancestors have been here since the slave days (reparations for which we pay every day in the form of muggings, etc.).

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