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>> I care about my own people partly because they *are* my people,
and partly because their achievements define what it means to be
civilized. We invented every science, wrote every symphony. We are
already diverse, we don't benefit in the slightest from adding
Congolese or whatnot to the mix. <<

Wow. You are really laboring under a gross illusion, my friend. Do
you mean to tell me that you do not benefit from any of the following

air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932
bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867
fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18--
horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
peanut butter George Washington Carver1896
pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

Since you claim that: >> This means that (using any reasonable
methods of evaluation) a white immigrant who arrived yesterday from
Ireland will make more of a contribution to America than a black
whose ancestors have been here since the slave days <<

Does this mean that you do not use ANY of the above inventions, all of
which were invented by African-Americans? Imagine how backward our
culture would be without these wonderful scientific inventions. Sorry
to burst your bubble, but you *HAVE* benefitted greatly by the huge
contributions of people of African descent living in America. I guess
it's only fair that if you want to segregate the "races", you should also
segregate the science and technology invented by the "races" and do
without all of the above items (and more at the link shown.)

These things you're saying... you don't seriously believe them, do you?


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