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I am a little bit surprised about the quarrel I picked here. (But there was something like that in a Christian discussion board where I asked the same question.)
I know about dissent in the Baha'i-community, and to me it seemes as if there is just little. (In contrary to Christianity, of which the history is a history of dissent...) So I read a book from F. Fichichia, who is (if I am right) a covenant-breaker. But there was another book by some Baha'i (Udo Schafer, Nicola Towfigh) like something as a response to the book by Mr. Ficchichia.
But this is not the point: I wanted to know how you think it would be possible to get some kind of certainity, because I do not know (for myself) if Jesus is kind of the last Prophet of GOD or if it is Baha'u'llah, like the Baha'i say.

Thanks and GOD may bless you all (whether Christians or Baha'i or whatever...)!

PS: I don't know if I am able to post things in this board during the next week, because my computer broke down and I only have acces to the internet at my parents home.

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