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Posted by Vincent ( on May 26, 2002 at 18:18:05:

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If Christianity has been responsible for more wars than Baha'i, this may be because it has had more opportunities to do so, and not necessarily because the religion makes Christians more warlike. (Oddly enough, Gibbon thought the Roman Empire fell because Christianity made them too pacifistic.) Remember, Christianity is also responsible for numerous reform movements.

You ask how you can receive "certainty" as to which religion is true. Many religions will claim to provide such certainty. I personally think that this is an unrealistic expectation. God is not going to appear in a burst of flame to tell you which church to go to. Those who claim such experiences are likely to be deluded, since their newfound certainty extends to every conceivable church and religion. But, do as you think best. Good luck.


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