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Posted by BK ( on July 07, 2002 at 03:44:32:

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Dear Brett,

Thanks for your further comments, but I don't understand what about my reading of the notes makes my suggestion incorrect. Don't the notes say that "the manner in which the punishment is to be carried out is also left to the Universal House of Justice." Besides, weren't you suggesting we theorize on what manner of punishment this would be. I mean, who are we to interpret the word? Yeah, obviously we are no position to do so, but we can guess intellectually as to how something might play out when the ambiguity grants it. But, anyways, you say you think this wasn't my intention and I believe you.

My theory as to what punishment would be best is only a theory, but think about it. Some of these terrorist die and then their bodies are paraded through the streets in decorated coffins. If you burn the body, what would they have to celebrate over? I know we need to solve the problem at the root too. Maybe, the question you raised, although I think it's very on time, has to be translated to a much larger scale, like a world tribunal. Yeah, I think we should be focusing on that more, because terrorism isn't going to be solved by one nation or any government. There's going to have to be an established world court in place to really get to the nitty gritty.

Now, maybe I shouldn't have even said reform right? What's the difference? Reform implies that the individual will be fit to return to society, but if they're going to be executed or sentenced to life in prison anyways what's the point of even talking about reform? We all know God is the only judge too. That is why I used the word "might" when I said a person might be forgiven in the next world.

I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment about forgiveness though. It's good that you emphasised a person making that choice in this world.

I have a practical question though. I'm new to this site and I know it's an academic board and all, but what actions do you think we can take to do our part in dettering murder and arson as it pertains to terrorism? I mean, we can intellectualize all day about everything Baha'i until we are giddy with runners high of the brain, but actions are what count. We teach the faith, we work to promote justice, but what can we do to specifically advance the detterance of terrorism? Any suggestions?

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