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Posted by Robert Bahador ( on July 11, 2002 at 08:43:13:

In Reply to: THE BAHA'IS: Christians of the Second Advent (tool for teaching Chrisitans) posted by Darrick Evenson on July 05, 2002 at 16:23:18:

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Dear friends, Allahuabha.
I have tried for a whole year now to try to convince five Christian friends in Bible study sessions. I admit that none of them have joined the Baha'i Faith, but that was not my goal, and it should not be our goal to convert these people. That will be done by Bahaullah.

The comment by Darrick about Baha'is becoming Nazis before evangelists become Bahais is not true; there are many Christians who have become Bahais through the "metaphor only" method, and there will be many more.

I know the frustration of not being able to get through to the Christians, but I always keep certain things in mind.
1. I believe that becoming a Bahai is not possible unless He wants it. It may seem unfair, but "no one can question Him."
2. If Jesus did actually resurrect from the dead or not has nothing to do with the salvation of people or the religion of God. The whole thing is a test that Christians must ultimately pass in order to move on.
3. If there is not a single conversion from the Christian population to the Bahai Faith, the Faith of Bahaullah will continue to move on to its glorious destination. We do not need quantity....

Derrick has done a great job with his website, and regardless of metaphor or literal interpretation, it is a very good teaching tool, which I intend to use.

I love you all.

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