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1. Recapitulation of biblical themes in modern history
2. Word of wisdom, law-abiding, clean living image
3. Restoration of the gospel and true church
4. Latter-day imagery--apocalypticism turned institutional
5. Living prophet (or interpreter, Guardian) trumps dead one
6. Celestial marriage? Prayers (if not ordinances) for the dead?
7. Complex, ever-evolving afterlife system
8. New scripture and revelation alongside old
9. Desert spirituality
10. Problematic historical schisms
11. Private ritual (feast) portion
12. Discipline from authorities
13. Polygamy of founders phased out


1. One God?
2. Pacifism, political involvement
3. Geographic focus different
4. The priesthood
5. The race issue
6. Women's issues (well, Utah did give them the vote first)
7. Images

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