Re: Chastity - where does affection end and sexuality begin?

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Posted by Morgan ( on August 15, 2002 at 16:14:30:

In Reply to: Chastity - where does affection end and sexuality begin? posted by Gerry on August 14, 2002 at 06:16:04:

Hi Gerry

I am a Baha'i youth and I have been in a been 'dating' a girl for nearly 18months now and we intend on marrying as soon as we gradudate from University - when have the finances to do so. Ideally, we shouldn't let finances get in the way but when both sets of parents arn't Baha'is and one set isn't well disposed to it then such an ideal, if followed through, would cause disuntiy. The chastity thing is a very relevant concern to us and so what has been done is that we simply draw the line and know not to cross at that point. This line is purely subjective - since it is where, I belive, the affection becomes sexual expression. For us, it is no more than hugging and pecking (ie not pashing). Even at this level of effection though I get worried that I am not doing the right thing because of what the Master has said... but I know for a fact that if there was absolutely no touching in the relationship whatsoever then it just wouldn't work because you can't be deeply in love with someone for years and years and just act like your buddies... What do you think - are we going to far? Relative to my friends I am a monk! Ha ha ha ha ha...


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