Re: Chastity - where does affection end and sexuality begin?

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Posted by Morgan ( on August 15, 2002 at 16:33:36:

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That was a very thoughtful answer... with regards to this issue I always say that if you become a Buddhist monk, you accpet a certain way of life which is what that faith prescribes ie you have no intimacy whatsoever with either gender. If you become a Hare Krishna then you accept a certain way of life also ie you sleep in separate dorms to your spouse until you intend on procreating. Generally, any religion prescribes a lifestyle and if you believe in that religion you follow that lifestyle. The Baha'i Faith is no different... if somebody is going to attack the Baha'is for not allowing members to practice homosexuality then why don't they attck Tibetan Buddhism which prohibits ALL sexuality? Baha'is ARE not prejudiced against gays - I am sorry if some are but the writings clearly condem all forms of pejudice. If Baha'is were to be prejudiced against what they consider a disorder, then they should be prejudice against everyone with any disorder such as manic depression, Turett's Syndrome or a hearing disability.

Also, Rob, I am interested to know what you do.


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