Re: Chastity - where does affection end and sexuality begin?

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Posted by Gerry ( on August 16, 2002 at 07:28:40:

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Hugging and pecking are prohibited. They are expressly prohibited. Your awareness that they are prohibited and your continuing to do so makes it worse. Your explanation is simply an attempt to justify breaking a "law". There is always a justification for an action, both good actions as well as wrongful actions. The justification mitigates the "punishment" but does not negate the crime. You cannot ask if you are going to far when the Words and Dispensations are so specific to your behavior as regards you and your girlfriend. In a deeper way, even calling her a girlfriend suggests impropriety. You can have a fiance, but not a girlfriend with whom you hug and kiss.

Now, I should add that I, myself, would do and have done exactly what you do and have done. The difference is, I make no justification, no explanation. I know it is wrong and do my best to refrain. If I fail, well, I do not think that for hugging and kissing I will be sent to a fiery hell, but who knows? I suppose God knows, but even then, I cannot know his rules of judgment. The Holy Words given by his Prophets are guidelines and ideals, but when specific - as in this case of hugging and kissing outside of marriage - they are absolute.

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