BK makes a fundamental misrepresentation

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Posted by Gerry ( on August 16, 2002 at 07:39:08:

In Reply to: chastity is so much more posted by BK on August 15, 2002 at 19:05:49:

While BK's post is very interesting and thoughtful, he makes a fundamental error as a foundation for his argument: "We have to realize that who we are, or our identity, is fundementally spiritual."

This is incorrect, misleading and possibly dangerous (as it tends to remove responsibility from our physical selves.)

Nowhere is it written or said that we are spirits first and beings second. Rather, we are beings first and our lives are intended to evolve in accordance with the Dispensations, Revelations, Guidances, Principles and other Words of our Baha'i Prophets.

This is the absolute essential foundation upon which all the Prophets base their prophecies and commandments. While we may attain "spirithood" after death (at some level, which could include continued ignorance and sin), during life we are physical beings who must accept the guidance of our Prophets toward betterment of self and community.

How easy it is to trick yourself into believing that you are a pure spirit, first, and the travels of your physicl body are a sideshow!

Dont do it.

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