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Posted by BK ( on August 17, 2002 at 13:57:20:

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Dear Everyone,

You need not worry about me following the opinions of anyone. As a matter of fact Brett and I have have dissagreed a number of times, but one of the distinguishing principles of our faith is consultation and the clash of opinions should have as it's goal the realization of unified truth. Clash is not even the right word because it is always kept in mind that unity is the goal. I think I speak for all Baha'is when I say that the Writings are absolutely perfect. There are no contradictions and we don't waste time weighing the Word of God with standards current amongst men, as so often gets done in academic discussions, but it is our duty and responsibility to first and foremost discover the correct interpretation of the Word given by the authority and then to see how it applies to reality.

Brett, I appreciate your advice on how to better ascertain what quotes to use and to demonstrate how they fit a certain context. I will use it to the best of MY ability. I would not have sought your advice in this matter if I did not think you were steadfast and faithul in the Covenant. These are the qualites that matter first when seeking advice and not just knowledge or understanding, although those are great bounties too.

I ask of anyone who believes there are literal contradictions in the authoritative Writings to prupose the problem to me and I will clearify whatever perplexes you. I would not be a Baha'i if there were contradictions, so I assure you I have asked myself every question you could think of and, by the grace of Baha'u'llah, have been enabled to understand the solutions to all of these questions.

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