The Day that shall not be followed by night

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Posted by BK ( on August 17, 2002 at 14:18:42:

In Reply to: God and Genetics posted by Gerry on August 17, 2002 at 08:02:34:

I appreciate your comments too. Just a quick correction. The Baha'i cycle is to last 500,000 years wow! You said 100,000, but that would still be a long time huh? Anyways, I'd have to say that I agree with you for the most part except on the point that the soul is always pure. I think a child's soul is always pure, but when we have to start making real choices then our souls become whatever we choose them to be. Free will? You bet, but the ultimate end of free will is surrender to Divine will. This is the struggle of our life. Detachment is the means to this end. Attachment to the Manifestation for this Age is the means to detach. Evil, hmmmm, is obviosly present in the world and will be as long as we are limited by these bodies, which have all sorts of appetites, because evil is a lack of good and good is transcendance of the material via the laws of the Manifestation, but if we are to believe that this is the cycle of divine unity, in which the interedependece of every person will eventually be fully secured, then it is safe to say that the byproduct of concentrated evil (Hitler) will be eliminated. The connotation of evil will change dramatically as the superstitions surrounding it are eradicated. Baha'u'llah does say that the next Manifestation is gonna have a hard time just the same, but if you consider at what an exponential rate we are advancing towards light and then you take into account that this cycle is 500,000 years then this is truely, as the Book of Revelation states, the day that shall not be followed by night. You said it best, good will eventually triumph over evil.

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