Shoghi Effendi was rejected first, then...

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Posted by Edward Greenspoon ( on August 18, 2002 at 06:18:47:

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As regards expulsions, you do not need written references - my parents were lifelong friends with Effendi and many years ago they told me about his depression, torment and angst when he expelled his family, including his parents.

As well, my parents knew his family, and they felt that they had abandoned him, knowingly and with cause (?) and not the Faith, for reasons they did not disclose, and in so doing, were expelled later.

There were attempts at reconciliation a few years later, by an intermediary - friend - but neither Shoghi nor his relatives would agree to any effort at conciliation.

The deeper question is ---- why the expulsions?, a question to which no-one has the answer or, as I have read various opinions, no-one is even close. The marrying of covenant breakers is absurd. At the least, untrue. Most of his relatives married Baha'is. They rejected Effendi as "heir" to the lineage of Prophets or or the Covenant, period. Again, why? I do not know.


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