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Posted by Stuart ( on August 19, 2002 at 07:53:18:

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BK wrote:

"I just can't understand how some people can be so full of hate and envy towards the Faith and its institutions."

There are people who hate by their genetic essence and cause mayhem, or murder; there are verbal sociopaths and murderous ones; there are lilars and compulsive, pathological liars, considered illnesses. Being psychopathic is one of the most common character disorders. It is not a mental illness; it is personality defect, and defect only because it leads to their demise. There are great sociopaths, "eccentrics" whose gifts to humanity are countless, but they, too, operated with "disordered characters" towards good. But to say you dont understand hatred is silly; to say you dont understand the envy, is an assumption. What envy?

You continue: "As for the harmony of science and religion, everyone should know that the foremost scientific theory of the day, encompassing the philosophical and practical applications of critical thought and logic, is the science of systems and complexity. The foremost expert thereof, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, has openly and explicity stated and demonstrated that the Baha'i Faith is the only religious system in complete conformity with the science of the day, meaning the Baha'i Faith is the only religion that, when tested by reason, is wholistically applicaple. Therefore, the Baha'i Faith provides complete moral direction for science and this advanced science provides the perfect testing ground to actualize all of the latent potentialities of this revelation."

Excellent. More true than even Laszlo knows.

Continuing: "I repeat my invitation. Whoever wishes to solve what they think is a contradiction in the Faith I have no doubt that I can do so in a manner that is in conformity with science, but for those who would venture in the ways of hate and envy be forewarned that these things will not be tolerated and your heart will be quickly exposed for all to see."

I am pleased that you do not consider the perception of contradiction, or ignorance that fails to understand the reconciliation of contradiction as sinful. On the other hand, each month science "shocks" with new knowledge. Last year we discovered the universe is "flat", which has enormous implications for creation theory; this year we learned that the human genome is a fraction of that of a fruit fly, again raising major questions about the human entity. To say that you are confident you can "compatilize" religion and science is a bold statemement. Even I, as a mathematician/physicist would not make a claim so bold. I can, however, believe in the claim, and I do.

But when I ponder "Glia" (a part of cellular neurology) I know I cannot reconcile let alone even comprehend the extraordinary findings in that area alone.

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