The Faith is still a marginalized religion

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Posted by Jamey ( on August 21, 2002 at 20:00:32:

In Reply to: Infallibility and protection of the Faith posted by Kendal on August 20, 2002 at 12:28:23:

Kendal partly wrote:

"At that time, the Faith was still a small marginalized religion in a very tender stage of development (it still is by the way). Shoghi Effendi had the brilliance to bring out its true potential and implications. In this however, he was alone. The family members probably had a very limited perspective. Kendal"

Once again, the reasons for their expulsion was a tit-for-tat act by Shoghi Effendi. The family rejected him first, he then expelled them.

As well, the Faith is still a marginalized religion at a very tender stage of development (Kendal and I agree.) What is discouraging is the confusions, departures, in-fighting, power struggles and incredible back-biting at the LSA level throughout the world. Given that Baha'i is without doubt the "best" Faith in History, and given the power of media and the "marketing" that could be used to deliver the Baha'i message, it is shocking that our membership is around 6,000,000 worldwide. Altho it is comparing apples and oranges, take the example of two of the most ignorant persons on Earth, George Bush and Al Gore, (committing a sin here?), each had/has roughly 100 million followers, of whom 50 million of each party (total = 100,000) are staunch and constant.

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