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Posted by Rob ( on August 23, 2002 at 18:38:40:

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I'll be happy to share in your worthy commnets.

Undoubtedly, Local Baha'i Assemblies are, as you say, lacking in the expertise for the most part, to be professional marriage counselors. The danger is when an Assembly believes they possess such professionalism, or that the Writings are the only source of guidance without need of professional advise.

There is a great deal Assemblies should do to become more aware of where to have couples turn for professional guidance during the Year of Waiting.

I agree there should be more consultation with the couple over the Year to assess their progress and to ask those personal questions which must be asked to determine, as best they can, the state of affairs.

Much of this depends on the truthfulness of the couple and the witnesses who may know something that is pertinent to the case. Without this honesty, there can be little in way of justice.

I would think that should it later be found out that a second marriage came about under false pretenses of having fulfilled the Year of Waiting, that the Assembly should nullify the second wedding until the requirements are met. This is clear in Baha'i law, yet Assemblies may feel they cannot involve themselves in such matters as they are too personal. Yet this is the calling given to Assemblies.

Anyone not satisfied that a Local Assembly has fulfilled their responsibilities, can appeal a matter to the National Assembly or speak with their Auxiliary Board member. Sweeping overt violations of Baha'i law under the proverbial carpet is unhealthy and unwise. Be aware, though, that two truthworthy witnesses are require by the Akdas to verify a matter.

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