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Posted by Stuart ( on August 23, 2002 at 18:50:40:

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I am the Baha'i scholar in my community - albeit a poor one. In public I would never speak as I write here. I take advantage of the forum as a place to vent personal and private challenges, questions, confusions and other inner matters that, due to my lifetime analytical nature, arise.

Publicly, I do not divide the Five Pillars of The Faith - from Bab to UHJ. Here, among us, I believe my occasional doubts and identification of other problems within the Faith, I am at a computer, alone, and not in a sanctified room or in front of a sanctified body. I give myself permission not only to challenge and question, but I believe I am sharing the hidden thoughts of many Baha'is, who are also True to the Faith.

"I think therefore I am" should read: "I think therefore I question."


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