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ή‚á  ιςρζ§ á‚σΎíŠŒ‹ ‚ν‹ςíŠ ‚á‚ ςι‚μ§ ‹ŠŒ‹ ‚á‹λáΝíŠ

qaalu fabi3izzatika laaghuwiyanhum ajma3iyna aalaa3ibaadaka minhum

This Ayat roughly translates "He said (Iblis) so with Thy Power shall I mislead them, except for Thy purified servants"
(suratu'l Saad ayat 82 - 83)

The significance of this is that anyone who does not serve Allah (SWT) will not be guided by Him and Iblis will lead the one who does not serve Allah (SWT) astray.

The only way to be a servant of Allah (SWT) is to be obedient to Him. This is because Allah (SWT) is Beyond any need of assistance from His creatures, to suggest any other form of service (beyond obedience to His Will) is shirk.

The only way to be obedient to Allah (SWT) is to know what are His laws and what does He require of you to do.

In this day if you want to know what Allah (SWT) commands you, the way is to recognize His Messenger for today, Hadrati Baha'u'llah.

The full context of the surih is talking about the whole of mankind, because this is after Allah (SWT) has created a man (Adam)(AWS) and commanded the Angels to prostrate before him and Iblis refuses. So since Adam (AWS)is only one man still the word "ghuwiyanhum" is "hum" or "They" rather than "Huu" (Huwa) or "He". From this it is clear that Iblis intends to mislead Adam's (AWS) descendants, not only Adam (AWS). This is why it may be inferred that Iblis will lead most of them ("all of them" in your translation)astray.

This is true historically because during the time of the messengers (AWS) most men oppose them, and that is why at this time most do not listen, and are infact MOST ARE being "mislead" by Iblis.

It is important to remember also that Adam (AWS) was not only "first man" but was a prophet of Allah (SWT) This is one of the reasons why Allah (SWT) would command the Angels to prostrate before Him, He is a messenger of Allah (SWT). So Iblis is unwilling to prostrate (as a sign of subordination) himself to Allah's (SWT) messenger.

In contrast the only way to be "mukhulasiyna" "Purified" (I do not agree that this word means "chosen" as you suggested, by any means) and consequently not "lead astray" IS to prostrate onself (in obedience) to the Messenger of Allah (SWT)!

Notice that Iblis misleads by the power of Allah (SWT) this is because Iblis has no power, in fact he is "nonexistence" and to be mislead by Iblis is to mislead yourself, which is only a natural result of not being obedient to Allah" that you will fall prey to your evil inclinations, which can destroy you.

This is why in the Qur'an Allah (SWT) reveals in surat albaqarah ayah 6 - 7:

" As to those who do not believe is is the same for them if you warn them or warn them not, they do not believe. Allah (SWT) has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and their eyes are veiled, grevious is the penalty they incur!"

So it is evident that being guided or being lost is based on belief or disbelief in the Revelations of Allah (SWT) brought to us buy His Messengers (AWS)alone. This makes us all accountable for our belief or disbelief. Not Iblis.

I hope this explaination will be of some use to you insh'allah, and may Allah assist you to recognize Him in this day Alyaawmi alDiin.

I hope I have addressed your true question God willing, but I did not understand your concern about or use of the word `Ism-Ma'fool' but Insha' Allah it is sufficient.


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