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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi ( on September 01, 2002 at 12:12:55:

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Dear Bertt Zamir,
Thanks for your reply. I felt affections in your writing and was going to continue my discussion on the above topic but after reading two aggressive mails I detained myself to reply in hurry. I am strange that how a preacher of 'Devine-Faith' be as unpleasant as he says,š go awayš or „I do not understand BZ's remark that these posts are welcome. This person is pushing allah like a drug-dealer, and without saying it, is claiming that Baha'is are servants of the Devil. And you, BZ, welcome him? I do not understand.š This type of practice often seen with minorities in some other parts of world where no body like to understand opponent‚s thoughts by fixating self bigotry and religious persecution to press others right of declarations. Bahai‚s themselves complain for this inappropriate behavior. I obviously say to the gentleman please give me right to ask you questions if you have right to preach me or others fellows like me and be sure I never like to abuse others or their Initiators. I regret if you feel any thing wrong in my question.
You write in your reply,>š The Baha'i Writings indicate that Satan has no power independent from God, and that Satan is a metaphor of our own selfish nature.š Dear partner in no doubt őQur‚an‚ also never claim that őSatan has a power independent from God‚ or as sovereign as God. But his status is like other beings of the universe. According to most of Islamic groups & other Arabic origin faiths Angles are described as supporters and best enthusiasts for the humanity whether Satan is an enemy and challenger to the humanity. According to Quran humanity is already inherited to achieve evils & nobilities while generating force of evil is Satan. If you consider this generator as a metaphor at present no need to go in details of his personality as my question is not regarding to his kind but regarding related effects of his power to lead astray from the right path. As you write correctly. >>šTherefore, I believe we can interpret the verse you have quoted as meaning that man will succumb to his selfish nature and desires, unless the divine Power enters His lifeš<< in other words When the Divine Power enters in his life than he is a chosen person or in Arabic „Mukhlasš. This word is called in Arabic as „Ism-Ma‚foolš act of another Power (Almighty Allah). I think your reply is sufficient if you believe,š man will succumb to his selfish nature and desires, unless the divine Power enters His lifeš. Now it depends on the person that he really feels effects and relations of the supreme power or only imaginations are surrounding his atmosphere. Is it correct according to you?
With regards,
Yours truly,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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