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Posted by Gerry ( on September 02, 2002 at 07:20:54:

In Reply to: Re: The Exact Meanings? posted by Munir A. Qureshi on September 01, 2002 at 12:12:55:

Your use of the word "opponents" confirms the negative rpelies you complain of. There are no opponents theosophically. There are muslims in the name of Alah who have tortured and murdered Bahai's since 1842 to the present. There are no instances of Baha'is murdering muslims.

Your insistence that you are not a anti-Baha'i cyber-terrorist but merely an intellecutal opponent and refer to other Baha'is as doubters is absurd. We may ask, we do not doubt.

But if our good friend Brett says you are welcome here, do your best, you are not an opportunity for conversion or convincing. You are, in my opinion, a villain.

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