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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi ( on September 04, 2002 at 14:27:21:

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I am in receipt of two important mails from respectable scholars of Bulletin board of Bahá'í Academics Resource Library and they advised me and convinced me to continue my discussions on the board. So in respect of their suggestion I am again starting to share my views. I already informed them that I am not angry from the persons who used some words for me in love of their sympathetic emotions. It is right that we canāt visualize the original faith according to oneās behavior as Brett already wrote,>>ä Some people who are here may not really be Baha'is, but just like to antagonzie or misrepresent the Faith. Others of us simply vary in the maturity of our understanding. I not only assure you that the Baha'i Writings÷ć<< Because I donāt like to participate like a teaser so I withdrew myself from the meeting with sad heart. Afterward by receiving two e-mails showing interest to continue discussions for mutual understandings I accept their offer positively and say thank for their attention. I also assure other fellows that I am not against their academic and social values and I respect them all but difference of opinion is right of every person while opinions are ever changeable due to reasonable results. Although I am not ĪBahaiā but I spend a lot of time to understand and compare ĪBahai-Faithā. Several years before when I was a primary student of your faith I knew my reasons why I couldnāt be a believer of this new faith butI never felt aversions for ĪBahaiāsā or any other sect of the world. I assure you that if you convinced me I canāt stay behind your doors. I admit even for my children to adopt any faith they like positively so how can I against your organization. Except objecting your mythology I love you all. Please let me understand if I am mistaken.
Dear Brett, I read your comments in reply of my post ćThe Exact Meaningsä and I am going to continue my discussion again, please wait a little.
With regards,
Munir A. Qureshi.

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