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Posted by Loren ( on September 06, 2002 at 16:36:32:

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Therefore, we come to a quandary: since in these cases - where some small or great "wrong" has been committed during the Year of Patience, is the granting of the Baha'i divorce, as presented to God, a divorce. And then, when one or both partners re-marry within the Faith, having committed sins and lies and decpetions to obtain their divorce, is their new marriage sanctified?


It would be my supposition, that were it discovered, for instance, that a year of patience had been violated by adultery, which was discovered after a new marriage had been contracted, that maybe a future LSA or House of Justice would impose the adultery penalty, but the marriage would still remain valid. At present not much could be done other than the suspension of administrative rights, which depending on the NSA may or may not be the appropriate solution.

These are all just wild speculations on my part, and such decisions are the domain of Spiritual Assemblies and Houses of Justice. I think such questions are healthy for our further deepening and understanding of the Baha'i Law, but at the same time we should be patient with each other, because all of us, and many of our institutions, still have much growth and maturing to go thru before we can grasp and implement the full measure of Baha'i teachings and laws.

So many Laws in the Faith are simply left to the faithfulness of the believer. For instance, we don't ask believers if they keep the obligatory prayers, or pay the Huququ'llah, yet they are both unalterable laws of the Faith. Ultimately it is between the believer and God whether or not the believer was faithful to the letter and spirit of the Law.

So even if somebody "got away with it" ultimately there can be no cheating God, and we will all stand accountable before Him in the end.


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