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Posted by Anon ( on September 07, 2002 at 07:28:04:

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Wow! Your defiance is admirable in a perverse sort of way. Wrong, perverse, and admirable. You do not fear anyone or anything. That, by itself may be unwise, and while some courage may be foolish, your defiance, while vested by a logical and interesting argument, could be easily re-phrased not to offend. You have chosen not to do so. You wrote:

"I'm the one who wrote The Baha'is: Christians of the Second Advent. The depictions of Jesus, Zoroaster, and the photo of Baha'u'llah are for Christian readers. They are not "props" nor "ornaments". If there IS a rule against this, I don't know it. And, if I did, I would NOT OBEY IT! Why? Because Baha'is IGNORE what the Guardian said about abortion. "Gay" and "Lesbian" Baha'is IGNORE what Baha'u'llah and the Guardian wrote about liwat (homosexual acts). NOTHING IS DONE about those "Baha'is" who kill children in the womb, or about those "Baha'is" who violate the law against liwat. So, as long as this occurs, I shall decide FOR MYSELF what to obey and what to ignore."

This argument is empty. Whether or not there are Baha'is who murder, who commit adultery, who are gay, who have abortions, who use depiction in the wrong way, is irrelevant. Which Manifestation ever claimed that His followers are or wouldbe pure. They set Deified Ideals, or proclaimed moralities we should strive for. I, myself, find some of the edicts literally impossible to follow. Does that mean I should reject the edict? No, I recognize the power and truth of the edict and at the same time, my failure to follow it. I do not pick and choose my edicts, which leads also to my own interpretation of those edicts. I am not given the authority to interpret. Neither are you. Nor are you given the authority to select or de-select. If you dont like what is decreed, or you are so bothered by individual Baha'is committing sin, go elsewhere for your spiritual salvation. No-one objects to that choice, should you choose it. Attacking parts or the whole of Baha'i does not accomplish anything. You cannot influence Baha'i. You can simply leave it. Imagine yourself standing at a Baha'i conference and stating your views aloud. What would happen? If I were there, I would, sincerely, as a psychiatrist, have you committed. I would not hesitate. Here, in this forum, the moderator allows your thoughts to be posted. That is his or her decision. But I defy you to express verbally and publicly your sentiments in a Baha'i group, small or large. That is proof of your insincerity and your mal-intent.

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