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Posted by Darrick Evenson ( on September 12, 2002 at 15:25:13:

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My "methods" of teaching Christians are ones which shall succeed. Methods
used by American Baha'is henceforth to try to attract Christians does
more to alienate them and convince them Baha'u'llah is either the
Anti-christ or perhaps the False Prophet of the Apocalypse.

I DO NOT believe the "Baha'i Faith" is pro-gay or pro-abortion! I
KNOW that all the Manifestations of God were 100% against both. However,
I KNOW that there are many "Baha'is" (because most converts are Liberals
because of the exclusive "Race Unity/World Peace" message of the
Faith in this country) who are Pro-Choice (although they rarely, if
ever, call themselves "pro-Choice"), and this includes members of
the NSA, who will ignore, explain-away, COVER-UP, and threaten (in
one way or another) anyone who comes out openly with what The Bab
and the Guardian has said about abortion. I KNOW this.

The prohibition against Baha'u'llah's image applies to:

1) Works of art.
2) Photographs displayed _openly_ in the home.
3) Actors in plays and films
4) Cartoons

I find NOWHERE where it says the photo of Baha'u'llah cannot be shown in books.
Sorry, but I can't find it.
Thanks for your comments.
Darrick Evenson

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