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Posted by Paul ( on September 13, 2002 at 21:56:25:

In Reply to: Re: Images of Prophets posted by Anon on September 07, 2002 at 07:28:04:

Anon's statement that Derrick's argument is "empty", and that
"Whether or not there are Baha'is who murder, who commit adultery, who are gay, who have abortions, who use depiction in the wrong way, is irrelevant...", seems to this Baha'i to validate what Derrick is saying. Derrick, and any Baha'i, former-Baha'i, anyone, period, is perfectly correct and legitimate to raise the issue of hypocrisy as he has done repeatedly for several years now with much vigor. We may not agree with Derrick's methods or tone in every way, but Anon's apathetical tone is far worse, and seems to be echoing that same tune some administrators have sung, namely, "let's just down-play and ignore those ills amongst the believers and pretend it's "irrelevant" so the problem will 'go away.' Derrick seems to have more faith that something can and should be done than the whole lot of those "faithful" Baha'is who have turned away from their responsibilities as Baha'is.

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