Roget's Thesaurus offers further insight into this subject

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I wanted to continue to justify my objection to the discussion of vampirism - using roget's thesaurus, we have:

"vampire found in 2 items.

Excerpt: "..., fury, harpy; Friar Rush. vampire, ghoul; afreet, barghest,..."
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Evil doer
Excerpt: "...; bloodsucker, vampire, ogre, ghoul, gorilla, vulture; ogyr-falcon..."

It is obvious that the words demon and evil-doer take the term outside the lexicon or moral constructs of Baha'i. For the original poster to state he is a goth vampire is a statement that he is either or both, by formal definition, not my personal opinion, a demon or an evil-doer.

I did not know it was our duty to welcome demons and evil-doers with love. I guess I was wrong.


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