40,000 Ulama will reject him...

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Posted by Naziri ( on January 05, 2002 at 19:42:32:

ιξ‹ ‚áጠ‚á„κ‹Š ‚á„κí‹

‚áξႋ ςáí§‹ Ύ„ꋃ ‚áጠΎι„§‚ζŒ

í‚ ςáí ‹μμ

Please give me the verbatim Hadith as well as its reference that says that 40,000 Ulama will reject the Mahdi (atfs). i am not a Bahai but i respect you and would appreciate it if you would email me this answer. Shukran jazillan! Take care, stay safe and write back soon.

ςíá ‚áጠ „í ‚á‹‚‹ ‚áο„í  ΎξŒá ‹λ„íŒ

‚λΎ§  í ‚áκήΏ Ύ ‚áςμ‚რΎ ‚á꧋ƒ Ύ ‚áí‹‚Š
ςíξ“ ‚μ‹ Šάí„í

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