Baha'i scholarship is academically sound

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 03, 2002 at 08:00:59:

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This is an interesting post.

As a published scholar, both in science and literature, I am generally astounded by the published scholarship of (true) Baha'i academics, whose essays I barely follow because of their depth, extensive footnotes, references, bibliographies and so on.

The methodology of scholarship is followed perfectly NOT here, where we are all amateurs who at best quote from published resources, but in various Baha'i scholarly publications.

As a scientist, I approach every subject with skepticism. I look for internal inconsistencies, contradictions and the failure to follow an accepted methodology. To compare Baha'i scholarship to Christian Science is to insult both. The claim that Baha'i scholarship is pseudo-scholarship, and the implication therefore that Baha'i Faith is pseudo-faith is absurd.

There are enough issues within Baha'i to allow us all a degree of intellectual and emotional self-torture. The issue of whether Baha'i scholarship is true scholarship is not one of them.

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