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I happened to own a three volume edition of 1844 Religious Movements, Social Movements and Intellectual Movements...all by Jerome L. Clerk...published by the Southern Publishing Association NashvilleTennessee and copyright in 1968 with Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 68-20556.

Altogether nearly 800 pages for the three volumes and with footnotes and indeces at the end of each volume.

So it is well documented...

Chapters in the first volume on religious movements are entitled:

Revivalism and the Millerite Movement;

The Strange Saga of Joseph Smith

Revolt against Denominationalism

Era of Rampant Nativism

Higher Criticism and the Bible

Mental Phenomena and Psychic Cults

There is nothing about the Baha'i Faith or early Babis in any of the three volumes. It is clear to me that Clark was simply ignorant of Faith or chose not to catalog it in his work.

Jerome Clark in his introduction wrote:

This book is sent forth in the hope that iot will give the reader a deeper insight into the atmosphere of reform which permeated the time in which arose the Millerite Movemnet, the seedbed of teh Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The author was professor of History at teh Southern Missionary College at Collegedale, Tenn. and an Adventist.

I purchased the text at an Adventist Bookstore near my home in the early seventies.

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