Miracles re-visited

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on October 26, 2002 at 19:58:21:

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The reason I posted the text below was to indicate clearly that Bahaullah performed miracles but issued a caveat against making too much of them. It is interesting that when I have attended firesides and there is a newcomer, he or she inevitably asks whether The Great One performed miracles, as though it is the most important attribute of a Manifestation of God. The Baha vision of the future - science and technology - allowed Bahaullah to know that miracles could confuse scitech-man. He foresaw that more than 100 years ago. Yet, to his closest followers he apparently did perform miracles, as re-quoted below.

But again, I consider a miracle an actual event that has a probability of zero. By this definition, ALL-THAT-IS is a miracle. The more we learn in science the more we can DO, but the less we understand. At the bottom of the (hopefully less than infinite) well of our ignorance will be the knowledge of God and of miracles and of his Manifestations.

Here is the reference for those who missed it:

Utterances of our Blessed Master, 'Abdu'l-Bahá,
in His exact Words, revealed to three pilgrims;
Thomas Breakwell of England, Herbert Hopper (an American) from Paris,
and Isabella D. Brittingham of America, September, 1901

"The miracles which appeared through the Manifestation the Master did not like to mention, because they will not be proof to others. They were only a demonstration for those who witnessed them. If the Master mentions all of these, the people will say that the idol worshippers attributed many wonderful things to their idols. The hearer will say this is right and this is wrong. While the miracles which actually appeared in the time of the Manifestation are greater than all, the Master did not wish to mention them, for the Manifestation said that the miracles would be like a veil over the people, for, in every time, the proofs (of this Word) will be so evident and clear that the people can understand them."

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