Re: Chastity - where does affection end and sexuality begin?

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Posted by Peter ( on October 26, 2002 at 20:48:24:

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The Lights of Guidance offer a good range of references on chastity and sexual conduct. The aren't many references on appropriate conduct in marriage, except one stressing "absolute fidelity" and another, with respect to birth control, stating that there are many forms of birth control, including abstinence. Beyond that, there is the principle of moderation. You're left to your own discretion. What you've described sounds very healthy. I'm curious why you would even ask. This is one of the few times I've seen such a question from a married person. Most questions about chastity come from single Baha'is, and the issue is the importance of chastity outside of marriage. It sounds like you're right on track. You'll provide good models for your children. And it's good for others to see Baha'is who are loving and affectionate. The world needs models of happy, affectionate couples. Many people I meet no longer believe in the possibility of love and have given up. So many live between dysfunction and isolation. So please, keep doing what you're doing and forget about fearing that you might be doing something wrong or not totally right. It's a matter of personal discretion, and perhaps, cultural appropriateness. If you go to the orient and are affectionate in public, some people will look. That's more about their culture than what is right. Some of us Baha'is will spend our lives alone, so for everyone's sake, please enjoy yourself and be happy!

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