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I'm sorry if I misled you into thinking that I believe this somehow contradicts my "cultural or original religious cultures". And frankly, I don't see how discussion in general would be counterproductive. I can see how argument is not conducive to the solution of anything. And I am not somehow indicatiing I have a clash or problem with the statements I made. I was simply trying to stimulate some discussion and hear other's opinions, and also see what Baha'i texts others could present relevant to this discussion.

About plurality of wives, I have included some quotes below. You must realize though if plurality of wives was immediately and outrightly forbidden, many women of that time would have been without any means of sustenance. This brings up the topic of gradualism. Things in religious matters seem to often happen gradualy. It seems more natural and organic that change does not happen all of a sudden all at once.

17. The text of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas upholds monogamy, but as it
appears also to permit bigamy, the Guardian was asked for a
clarification, and in reply his secretary wrote on his behalf:
„Regarding Baha‚i marriage; in the light of the Master‚s
Tablet interpreting the provision in the Aqdas on the subject of
the plurality of wives, it becomes evident that monogamy
alone is permissible, since, as őAbdu‚l-Bahá states, bigamy is
conditioned upon justice, and as justice is impossible, it follows
that bigamy is not permissible, and monogamy alone should
be practised.š (pp. 39, 47)

Synopsis and Codification of the Kitab-i-Aqdas

God hath prescribed matrimony unto you. Beware
that ye take not unto yourselves more wives than two.
Whoso contenteth himself with a single partner from
among the maidservants of God, both he and she shall
live in tranquillity. And he who would take into his
service a maid may do so with propriety. Such is the
ordinance which, in truth and justice, hath been
recorded by the Pen of Revelation. Enter into wedlock,
O people, that ye may bring forth one who will make
mention of Me amid My servants. This is My bidding
unto you; hold fast to it as an assistance to yourselves.


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