Re: Who is Mark Zalter and why is he not Jennfer Ripley?

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Posted by PatK ( on November 08, 2002 at 00:57:07:

In Reply to: Who is Mark Zalter and why is he not Jennfer Ripley? posted by Mark Zalter on November 07, 2002 at 05:39:22:

Allahu Abha!

PK: Some weeks ago I noticed that certain handles seemed to share disagreements with other people of different bodies. For example, it might seem that you, and the others in your body were commonly in disagreement with something that Loren, or Rob might post. This might give someone the impression that a lot of Baha'is disagree w/ them, when, in fact, a lot of your personalities are in disagreement.

PK: So, I think it is really good of you to broach the subject. For someone who is being ciriticisized by the gang from your body, it might be a lot less distressing to know that the intellectual difference is not with the entire Baha'i Canadian community, just the ones living at your address.

PK: I am glad that your personalities don't seem to disagree too much on the board, I would think such discussions might get worked out at home on a sheet of paper, or a file on your computer with notes for eachother.

- Pat

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