The Science of Gender Dysfunction

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on November 11, 2002 at 17:20:41:

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There is no doubt that the aetiology (cause) of homosexuality both in humans and animals is genetic or congenital (birth predisposition.)

There are many instances of behaviourally learned gay activity for various psychosocial reasons, but the percent of heterosexuals practising homosexual activity is very low, if not rare, and not persistent, as well as being unaccompanied by a neutral or adverse response to women.

Transexualism is recognized as well in psychiatry, and is called gender dysphoria, the cause being viewed as a flaw in foetal development that transforms the foetus into a morphological male but who is hormonally and behaviourally female. The legality of sex change operations is based on these proven scientific discoveries. One of my patients, having undergone a surgical change to female, was issued a new birth certificate that stated he was a female.

In Baha'i, the edict is against gay sexual behaviour. I am an alcoholic, for example, but as a Baha'i do not consume alcohol. The restraint from alcohol is extremely difficult, as would be the case of sexual restraint for one who is truly homosexual.

No-one should fear the tests God has given to him or her. That is how these afflictions should be regarded. Dispositions to rage, alcohol, sexual addiction, drugs, homosexuality, obesity, are, for the most, scientifically viewed as genetic endowments and not psychological choices. No one should be ashamed of these traits or states, but in the same way that being moral, just, kind, forgiving and tolerant are great challenges we all face, we are also given negative endowments or tendencies that represent challenges equally.

It is as noble to be a kind and loving Baha'i who refrains from expected sin, who is proud of his or her ability to abstain from powerful tendencies such as homosexuality, than to be born genetically pure, with endowments that make being kind and loving a predictable given, requiring no effort at all.


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